What to expect at your photo session?

We want our time together to be fun! To help make everyone feel at ease, we will spend the first few minutes of your session engaging with the children and encouraging everyone to relax, loosen up and get ready to work together. Children can be very particular and committed to their feelings at any given time, so I ask that we unite and work with each other to help keep the excitement going.  Do not hesitate to bring snacks, treats, or toys that you know your little ones will love and might help coax them out of their shell for the session.  I work very hard to encourage children to play, smile, dance, be silly and have fun at your session as I know we all want natural smiles and while we can’t force that to happen, we definitely give it our best shot!

You’ll also want to prepare and ensure everyone is well-rested as this can definitely mean more fun, playful posers.  Part of this is booking a session at a time of day that works for your child’s schedule.


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What if my children do not cooperate?

If you are concerned about your children cooperating, book the largest package you can to give your family enough time to work through the challenges. I always try to get children to open up, but ultimately, children are going to do what they want to do.  Together, we offer encouragement, remain calm and try to avoid upsetting little ones as that’s much harder to come back from.  Listening to their fears and explaining beforehand what’s going to happen is helpful too – talk it up!  Show them photos online, tell the grandparents, etc.  The more excited they are, the better time we’ll have!  Overall, in most cases, children open up well to me and we have no issue, but if you know your child needs more time and attention to warm up (a particularly introverted little one for example!), please choose a package that will allow more opportunity for success.  This is why there are options! There are no reshoots for sessions where children are not cooperative – they are little people, passionate and full of character – and we’ll capture them as they are.  Choosing the right package, preparing with snacks and rest and working as a unit to work through the session can be invaluable!  We always try our best 🙂

What about scratches and marks on the children’s faces?

Minor retouching is included in all packages. Removing the odd mark from a photo is not a problem but if you have something you need removed from your entire collection, please speak to me beforehand to gather pricing and possibilities.

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What about the weather?

Because many sessions are outdoors, weather is always going to be a consideration. We live in a varied climate so it’s nearly impossible to know if one day will be better than another. For this reason, we do not reschedule unless it is raining during the session time or poor lighting. We discuss almost all scheduled changes the day of your session.

How long does it take to get your photos?

Hopefully not too long! Previews go up in a day or two on the Facebook business page and your finished online gallery and download links are finished between 1-3 weeks, unless otherwise noted.  I like clients to have their photos as soon as possible so they can start to enjoy their new collection!

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What are the terms?

All clients receive personal printing rights to the images taken by Elizabeth Fulton.  Elizabeth Fulton retains the copyright by law to all images taken.  We may at any time use the photos for business purposes.  Editing, cropping or using the images from your download for anything outside of personal use – including contests, business promotion or other – is strictly prohibited. By hiring Elizabeth Fulton, you agree to these terms and acknowledge you have read and agree to the terms. If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

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