The health and wellness of my clients, and my own family, is very important. I know how truly special photography sessions can be, and while I wish that we didn’t need to have these kinds of conversations prior to gathering, it is important to me that we do what we can do stay safe.

We will not perform any sessions if you, or anyone in your family is feeling unwell. We will also not perform any sessions if anyone in my own family is feeling unwell. We will reschedule.

While I am triple vaccinated, and all members of my home are vaccinated to the extent that they can be, I do have heightened risk factors for long-term side-effects from respiratory illnesses and ask that clients please take extra caution when reviewing their Covid-19 screening. I am always more than willing to reschedule a session to help keep us all safe and appreciate that we must work together to make this happen!


A mask will be worn by the photographer for the entire shoot.

The mask will either be a KN95 or N95 for in studio, and an ASTM Level 3 non-medical mask for outdoor sessions.

For studio sessions, clients must wear masks upon entry to my home. Masks are only permitted for removal while having your photo taken (babies exempt). If you are unable to wear a mask, we will discuss an alternative session type – outdoors or use of the temporary garage studio set up if weather permits.

You are not required to wear a mask at outdoor sessions.


I am triple vaccinated, and will continue to participate in vaccination strategies. My family is also vaccinated to the fullest extent possible, and will continue to participate in the same vaccination strategies.


If I am sick or anyone in my home is isolating due to a close contact or illness, you will be notified and we will reschedule your session. My own family continues to make choices that limit our contact with others and reduce our risk of interference with your session. However, we are human and my children have returned to in-person school so there may be instances where a sessions needs to be rescheduled. I appreciate your understanding.

If you or anyone in your home is feeling unwell and in isolation due to potential Covid-19 symptoms or contact, we will reschedule your session. If you are isolating due to a positive Covid-19 case in your home, we will reschedule your studio session to no less than 10 days from the last positive/onset of symptoms in your home. Outdoor sessions can resume once out of isolation.

You will be asked to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire (provided by the Ontario government) prior to your session. If you do not pass, we will reschedule.

It’s really that simple! I am very flexible to reschedule sessions in an effort to keep us all safe. I try to allow space in my schedule to make this possible and will continue to work with families on this as we navigate through the pandemic.

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